Node Editor Better Bookmarks


Added Collapse/Expand window icon


Added find node in bookmarks

Loading a bookmark now also changes the tab name

Fixed bookmark searching method


Added "Exit" option in the Tools menu

Fixed issue where a blank group was displayed in the list


Initial Release.

A tool to manage bookmark. Initially written to replace the use of tabs since it is not very efficient if you have many tabs in the Node Editor.

You can create groups and categorize bookmarks as well as locate bookmarks that contain specific nodes (version 1.2). And bath open selected bookmarks into tabs as well as batch convert tabs to bookmarks.

NOTE: This script is part of the Node Editor Extended Menus and should be run via the context menu.

Ethan's RFM Enhancement Pack is a property of Ethan Phoenix.

All Rights Reserved © Ethan Phoenix. For personal use only. Commercial use is prohibited. Not for redistribution without permission.

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