September 17, 2018



Non-commercial 22.1






Windows 7 64bit

I have created a thread in Pixar's Renderman forums so you can subscribe to it and stay up to date with any recent update(s).

9-17-2018 - News for Release 3.7.0:

Please note that Maya 2018.4 no longer shows icons on nodes in the Node Editor nor Hypershade. They are visible on the "Create Node Pane" but its' annoying...

As of RFM 22.1 Pixar changed the way things are configured so please make sure to read the new instructions here.

I hope I'm not jumping the gun here (requires further testing) but it looks like most of the swimming textures bugs were fixed.

I tested most things, but since many things have changed some issues might come up. Please use the forum to share any issues and if I can I will try and solve it as fast as I can.

3-18-2018 - News for Release 3.6.0:

Maya 2018 users: it seems that upon loading the Renderman plugin, the local custom "RMS_SCRIPT_PATHS" set in the Maya.env file is being ignored. Please follow the standard installation/update steps as well as add a system variable "RMS_SCRIPT_PATHS" with the path to the ini folder ("c:\Users\<WINDOWS_USERNAME>\Documents\maya\pxr\ris\21.7\ini").

2-18-2018 - News for Release 3.5.0:

I am uncertain of this pack popularity. I am releasing this pack in the sake of record keeping and perhaps someone will find it useful.

As of release 3.5 I have stopped compiling the additional patterns for *NIX or MAC OS-es.

12-19-2016 - News for RenderMan 21:

Previously I mentioned that: "Nodes with multi instances are saved correctly and therefore if you are using version 21 there is no need to run the Nodes with Multi Instances Bug Fix script." However, this is still a problem...

11-19-2016 - News for RenderMan 21:

I tested previous bugs and issues that existed in version 20 and I can confirm that:

Nodes with multi instances are saved correctly and therefore if you are using version 21 there is no need to run the Nodes with Multi Instances Bug Fix script.

Using the new PxrDisplace node fixes the issue with displacements for Maya's pattern nodes.

PxrFractalize (in conjunction with the PxrManifold3D) still doesn't work (per my tests) however, sbFractalizer & sbFractalizerManifold are now working with the new displacement node (PxrDisplace).


During the process of adapting to the RIS workflow, I sadly had to stop using Slim and all the benefits that it brings.

Being a procedural texturing enthusiast, I found Maya's Node Editor a good substitute to Slim. However, the graphic interface of the attribute editor for the Pixar nodes was basic and when mixing the native Maya nodes with Pixar RIS nodes there is a bug* (especially with displacement - see post #173310).

I have waited to share this "Pack" with you, hopefully, to eliminate any bugs and make sure it is stable and usable.

I hope that these enhancements and tools will allow you to be more productive with your work, enjoy!

* I believe a fix was mentioned with the 20.7 release but I still don't see the displacement effects when mixing the RIS and native Maya nodes.

The following scripts help the creative workflow and bypass some of the bugs I have encountered. And for those who are used to Slim it'll help for a much faster transition.

Ethan's RFM Enhancement Pack is a property of Ethan Phoenix.

All Rights Reserved © Ethan Phoenix. For personal use only. Commercial use is prohibited. Not for redistribution without permission.

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