Issue 1: For few nodes, there are some known limitation – please read the notes section in the Attribute Editor.

Issue 2: I noticed that when doing an IPR Render, any adjustment you make to the displacement node network won't affect the render on the fly.

Issue 3: In some cases the template "locks" few attribute fields. To refresh/release the "lock" use Step 7 in section 4.1 - INSTALLATION, SETUP AND UPDATES.

Issue 4: Sometimes the related controls that are activated upon a specific selection in the Attribute Editor (like "Noise Type" in PxrMVolumeNoise) won't get updated if the IPR is active. A simple “deselect and re-select" of the node will refresh the editor.

Issue 5: When saving Ramps and/or SeExpr please keep the folder depth to 1 (i.e. don't create a folder within a folder).

Issue 6: The gradient control is represented in linear interpolation mode. Any changes to the interpolation control affects only the render output.

Issue 7: The "Specific Area Projection" trick creates a “funky" border for some PxrM nodes. Try to use textures in the inner part of the projection while “fading-out" the areas that are close to the placement 3D boundaries.

Issue 8: In order to register the nodes that we copy from the Pixar folder (and any other new nodes/patterns I created) with Maya, I have used node id 1053600 and up. If you need or decide to change them you should do so in the .args files (and in the RenderMan_for_Maya.ini file for record purposes).

Issue 9: There are several PxrM patterns with "swimming textures" problems, especially upon connection to a manifold node with a different scale value than 1. This problem isn't fixable with __pref etc. a related issue is mentioned in post #188527. The affected patterns are PxrMBrownian, PxrMWood, PxrMMarble, PxrMCloud, PxrMRock, PxrMSolidFractal, PxrMVolumeNoise, PxrMStucco, PxrMLeather, PxrMCrater, PxrMGranite. The solution to some of it is not to attach any manifold to them. As a rule of thumb - always render twice the same scene in a different camera angle to make sure you don't have any swimming textures.

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